Muckalee Sportsman Association, Inc.

Posted 12/13/03

Basic information about the club.

First and foremost, we are incorporated as a non-profit organization and we own our own campsite of five acres at 1906 Harts Mill Road, Buena Vista, GA 31803. The club is know as Muckalee Sportsman Association and is located in Marion County, GA. We organized in 1994 and have practiced quality deer management from the beginning. We have 3,500 acres of land with a maximum of 30 members.

Our campsite location is where all members who are hunting must post in and out from on the map board located at the entrance to the camp. Camping slots are part of the membership dues. We have a 10 x 12 foot walk in cooler for storing deer along with a covered cement cleaning station with county water and electricity. We have a suggestion box for the members to make suggestions for rule changes or other changes for the club in general. These suggestions are compiled by the board members and mailed to all of the club members for a vote. If it is a good sound suggestion that will benefit the club as a whole, it will likely pass with a majority vote and will be added to the rules or implemented as standard practice.

Currently we have 3,500 acres of land leased for hunting with the option to lease additional properties. The majority of the land is MeadWestvaco Timber land and our lease agreement with MeadWestvaco requires the quality management of our deer heard. This lease requirement is part of a co-op consisting of over 10,000 contiguous acres made up of other clubs in the area that lease land from MeadWestvaco. In addition to the MeadWestvaco land, we have some private farmland property leased as well. The entire club's habitat is made up of hardwood bottoms with beaver marshes on the two major creeks that flow through the property, planted pine stands ranging in age from a few years old to some stands about twenty years old, new clear cuts, mixed pine and hard wood stands, and farm fields both fallow and cultivated.

We encourage food plots by members and will assist with planting food plots when possible. Every year most of the members plant food plots and if financially able we hope to have some general club food plots that will be open to all members to hunt.

Some people inquiring about the club have asked about "private areas" and if all the good areas are taken by founding or existing members. We do have the option for members to claim a private area, but these areas are small and are designed to allow members to plant their own food plots. The answer to the question if all the good areas are taken is no. A member has access to one private area of their choice, which is about 30 acres in size. With all 30 members having a private area that still leaves 2,600 acres open to all members to hunt. Private areas are not that large and we keep the total membership at less than 1% of the total leased property. This amounts to more than 115 acres per member allowing for plenty of room for everyone. Also, existing members tend to move their private areas from one season to the next always looking for that perfect area or taking advantage of changes such as planting of fields, clear cutting, or thinning of timber.

What we are trying to do is get a group of members who all have the same ideas and goals of working with Quality Deer Management. Out of five new members a year we may only keep one who is truly dedicated to the goals and the process to reach these goals. When we fill that gap and have a full complement of QDM minded individuals, we will be able to work as a single unit to obtain our goal.

If you are truly QDM oriented and are looking for a club that is serious about QDM and that has been practicing QDM since 1994, then you may want to check us out. Be sure to look at all the information this web page has to offer and enjoy your stay.

Thanks for your inquiry about Muckalee Sportsman Association