Muckalee Sportsman Association

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Muckalee Sportsman Association, Inc., located in Marion County Georgia, is made up of over 3200 acres of diverse habitat. Habitat from hardwood bottoms, planted pines, clear cuts, and more with all of this surrounded by agicultural fields normally planted in peanuts, corn or soybeans. There are plenty of fringe areas within the hunting property where differing habitats meet and where wildlife thrives.

We are a Quality Deer Managed club taking only mature bucks and culling does from the heard. We encourage members to plant food plots and the club assists as needed. We strive for a total of 30 members and membership runs from June 1st through May 31st. A membership costs $1,200.00 a year depending on lease prices and may increase depending on lease prices or membership shortages. The club owns the land the camp is located on and has county water and electricity as well as a 10 x 12 foot walk in cooler for deer storage. For more detailed information click here or e-mail me.

If you are looking for Jon's personal website, click here for Jon's Southern Outdoors - A virtual journal of the 2005 year's hunting season.


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Congratulations to Rusty McAbee winner of the Muzzleloader 11/15/08 ### New Web Page Coming Soon!! ### More 2008 Deer Pictures to come *** This site was last updated 11/26/08 ***

Here are a couple of 2008 bucks taken this November. Click on the image to see a larger view.

JB Eight Point Jeff's Buck

New Rule: Feeding can be done during the season only in the center of your private area and the feeding area must be marked on the map board. Georgia Law still applies in that you can not hunt within 200 yards or within sight of the feed. The feeding of deer or wildlife must not be done in any other way during open hunting season.

With the new clear cuts there are several logging decks that can be planted for wildlife. If these logging decks are not planted for wildlife the timber company will reclaim them by planting pine trees. If you want to keep these areas open it will take a club effort for everyone to pitch in and plant these areas.

Only until January 15th and the end of Georgia's Deer season!

Only until March 21st and the beginning of Georgia's Turkey season!

Only until Feb 29th and the end of Georgia's small game season!

Only until January 25th and the end of Duck Season!

(Duck Season - November 22-30 / December 6 - January 25)